The sooner the better

Marrissa Mayer said, “With data collection, ‘the sooner the better’ is always the best answer.” I agree with that, because what importance is data collected when the project has already been implemented or the research published. Data is only good when it is new. It is important individuals, businesses and organizations make use of the latest data about the market for making decisions.

It does not matter what market size your business serves your data has to be up to date always. With Tattara business managers can collect data and it will be analysed real time which will help make strategic decisions for the market.

Business managers that have to monitor projects in different locations have no worries as the collection of project data is automatically stored and accessible to all members of the team. Managers in a different location can view and analyse almost immediately. With the Tattara application, managers can see data immediately and the analysed result is also available so decisions can be made with the most current and accurate information.


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